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Are you thinking of buying a house?

Buying a house is usually the single largest financial commitment a person takes on during their lifetime, so it’s important to get it right. Our experienced team of conveyancers in Letterkenny Co Donegal will guide you through the process from start to finish using easy to understand language and will help you avoid any pitfalls and problems.

Among other things we will;

  • Review the terms of the Contract for sale,
  • Check that the property has a good and clean title,
  • Prepare Deeds of Transfer/Conveyance,
  • Raise all the necessary questions to ensure there are no legal snags or unexpected complications,
  • Advise you on the terms and conditions attached to any mortgage you might be getting as well as completing and forwarding the legal documents to your bank/mortgage company to drawdown your mortgage,
  • File the necessary stamp duty returns,
  • Ensure you are registered with the Property Registration Authority as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Are you thinking of selling a house?


Selling a house in Letterkenny or anywhere for that matter, can often be as stressful as buying a house. Here at Gallagher & Brennan Solicitors we try to make the process as quick and as stress free as possible. Once instructed we will:

  • Gather together your title documents,
  • Prepare Contracts for Sale,
  • Deal with any inquiries or questions the buyer’s team might raise,
  • Prepare the documents necessary to complete the sale,
  • Liaise with any mortgage company you might have and find out exactly how much money is needed to clear off your mortgage,
  • Get you your balance purchase monies as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Are you thinking of Re-Mortgaging?

Is it time for a change? Perhaps your old mortgage is just not competitive any more compared to current deals on offer. Perhaps you simply need to free up some money tied up in the value of your property. Whatever the reason we will:

  • Guide you through the terms and conditions of your new loan offer,
  • Obtain your title deeds from your old bank/mortgage company,
  • Find out exactly how much is needed to pay off your old mortgage,
  • Make sure the legal documents required for new loan are completed and filed with the mortgage company,
  • Draw down your mortgage and make sure that your old mortgage is paid off quickly so you can get the balance mortgage monies as quickly as possible.
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